Time to cleanup the yard!

Yard cleanup

With both yesterday and today have been absolutely GORGEOUS outside, I figured it was time the cleanup the yard! It is nice to have some beautiful and warm weather after all the GLOOM we have been experiencing in The Mitten. It also helps everyone's overall mood. With quarantine and social distancing still in affect, the yucky weather has made everyone a little on edge!

Now, with spring sunshine comes those beautiful rays of goodness beaming down on all of the yuck left behind from winter-and in our case, fall! See, our trees (maple I do believe. I would have to ask Hubs) tend to be “late release” and hold on to their leaves until pretty much mid-November! It makes spring yard cleanup a real pain in the ass!

I decided to get myself in my lawn clothes and threw on a light jacket to tackle the two huge piles of leaves that Hubs had blown out of the flower beds and nooks and crannies around the yard.

After walking outside, I gathered my materials.

  • Rake (of course)
  • Heavy duty yard gloves. I LOVE THESE! They are made of a quality leather and have a drawstring to cinch them closed at the wrist. Perfect to keep the junk and bugs out!
  • Yard waste bags
  • Leaf Easy Plastic Leaf and Lawn Chute. My trusty yard or leaf buddy as I call him. This clever creation looked like a Flip-n-Fold to me when I saw it at the store. I thought, “Why is this in the hardware store?” but something told me that I should give it a try. I bought it and it is a HUGE time saver! More on that later.

Now that we have our materials ready to go, we can start to get our bag prepped.

The way this clever invention works is that you slip in into the fluffed lawn bag and open the sides up, It makes a U shape in the bag making the bag, for the most part, stay open so you can then rake or hand toss the leaves right in. GENIUS!!!! I know it sounds so simple and has probably been around forever BUT I never knew!


I had our son hold the side walls up just so he could feel like he is helping and I raked a huge pile into the bag. For me, it is easier to put the bag down on the ground and “sweep” the leaves into it like I would be sweeping a floor with a broom and dustpan.

Pinky up even when I'm raking because I'm fancy like that! Lol!

All in all, I filled up 14 bags total. This job would have taken me a few hours but it was DONE in close to 45 minutes thanks to the Leaf Easy.

Pick yourself up on today at The Home Depot!




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